Welcome to Roew Company

We have 20 years experience in the construction of wooden buildings.


Below are some examples of our range of products and solutions:

Wooden market stalls and Christmas market huts

We have constructed many custom-made market huts to individual customer specifications. Over time we developed this into a series production of a standard version that meets customer's needs. Naturally we are still able to respond to specific requests.

Quantity discounts are available for large events.

Rental of market huts, christmas market stalls and sales booths

Our market huts are also available at competitive rental rates. If required this can include delivery and assembly.

Again, volume discounts are available for events.

Wooden ticket booths

Any event that charges at the gate needs this ticket or gate huts.

Our ticket booths have a footprint of 2 qm with enough space for staff and storage for admin.

Mobile wooden chalets

In order to meet ever stricter European planning laws for campsites, we have developed mobile wooden chalets. These are remarkable in their simple and cost effective yet very solid construction.

Becuase the chalets are fitted with an axle and detachable whiffletree these generally do not require planning permission.

Assembly can be handled by our specialist team or may be carried out by you, because the wooden chalets are designed for the purpose of somple and fast assembly.

As always, we can also design and construct to your specific requirements.

Camp and Club sites

We have developed entire club sites as well as simple and cost effective wooden chalets for camp sites throughout Europe. In general these sites consists of a fully equipped kitchen area (wooden construction or container), a covered dining area, an entertainment section with stages, various accomodiation blocks, stores and one or more toilet and shower blocks.

We usually manage the entire project to our customers specification and under consideration of local building regulations.

Our team manages the entire construction phase on site including all electrical and plumbing installations to a detailled and firm schedule. We can also handle all plastering, building or tiling work.

We can also supply individual components to your requirements, such as bars, buffets, cold stores, general stores, marquee flooring and stages.